The Ultimate Apple Watch Ultra Review: A Must-Have for Tech Lovers

The Apple Watch Ultra is a new addition to the Apple Watch lineup that stands out for its bold design and outdoor-ready features. With a 49mm case size, it's considerably larger than any other Apple Watch that's been launched before, and it's on par with other outdoor watches like the Garmin Fenix 7. The watch is unashamedly big and brash, and it channels a masculine and aspirational lifestyle statement. This is an Apple Watch with a personality, and it feels refreshing.

Apple Watch Ultra Review

1. Design and Build Quality

The Apple Watch Ultra has a titanium build, which makes it durable and lightweight at the same time. The watch has a 49mm case size, which is significantly larger than the 41mm and 45mm case options of the Series devices. The watch has a tough design that makes it suitable for outdoor activities, and it also has a bigger battery to match its larger size. At first, the larger size can take some getting used to, but after a few days of wearing it, you'll find that it becomes a natural fit.

While the Apple Watch Ultra boasts a durable and sleek design, one aspect that could be improved is the thickness of the edge of the case. This edge is home to the side button and the Digital Crown, which is slightly bigger and less delicate compared to previous models. However, the watch also boasts a new feature, the Action button, that compensates for this. This button, which can be found on the opposite side of the watch, can be configured to quickly launch workouts, provide navigation through the compass app, activate the flashlight, and even activate the "back-to-start" feature for hiking. It is also customizable, allowing users to easily access their frequently used apps and features.

2. Visibility and Screen

Apple Watch Ultra Review

The watch has a sharp, 1.8-inch, 410 x 502-pixel resolution Retina OLED display. It has 2,000 nits of brightness, which makes sure the watch doesn't falter where many AMOLED screens do - in bright outdoor light. The watch performed very well even in challenging light conditions, making it easy to read and navigate the watch even in direct sunlight. The watch has an Always-On Retina display, which means that you can easily view important information like time, notifications, and workout metrics without having to lift your wrist. The display is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, which makes it resistant to scratches and cracks.

3. Straps

Apple Watch Ultra Review

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a selection of special straps that are designed to complement the watch's rugged and outdoor-friendly aesthetic. We had the chance to test out the orange Alpine Loop and yellow Ocean Band, both of which boast a distinctive crinkled design that adds to their visual appeal. They were able to hold the watch securely, even during rigorous activities such as swimming, running, or hiking. Additionally, the straps are made of fluoroelastomer, a strong and durable material that is resistant to sweat and water, making them perfect for outdoor activities. The straps also feature a unique buckle design that ensures a secure fit, ensuring that the watch won't slip or move around while you're on the go. Even if you have watch bands designed for the Apple Watch 44mm or 45mm models, they can be used with the Ultra too.

4. Water resistance

Apple Watch Ultra Review

The watch is water resistant, which is a must-have feature for an outdoor watch. The water resistance on the Apple Watch Ultra is twice as strong as the Series 8 and SE, allowing it to withstand submersion in water up to a depth of 100 metersThe watch is also suitable for scuba diving, but with a depth limit of 40 meters. This level of water resistance ensures that the watch can withstand various water activities and is perfect for swimming and diving. You can also track your swimming workouts with the watch, as it has swim-tracking capabilities that can detect your strokes and automatically record your sets, laps, and distance. The watch also has a Water Lock feature that helps to prevent water from entering the speakers by creating a tight seal around the Digital Crown. This feature is especially useful when you're swimming or doing water activities.

5. Health and Fitness Tracking

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a plethora of health and fitness tracking features that make it a powerful tool for tracking your wellness. The watch has an ECG sensor that can detect your heart rate and rhythm, and can also check for signs of atrial fibrillation. It also has a Blood Oxygen sensor that can measure your blood oxygen levels, which can be useful for monitoring your respiratory health. The watch also has fall detection and Emergency SOS features that can alert you or your emergency contacts if it detects a fall or if you initiate an SOS call.

The watch also comes with a variety of fitness tracking features, including activity tracking, which can track your daily activity levels and give you personalized activity goals. The watch also has a variety of workout-tracking modes, including running, cycling, swimming, and hiking, among others. The watch can track your workout metrics, including heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and more. The watch also has a workout coaching feature that can give you real-time guidance and encouragement during your workouts.

6. Smartwatch Features

Apple Watch Ultra Review

The Apple Watch Ultra is a full-featured smartwatch that can keep you connected and productive throughout the day. The watch has a variety of communication features, including phone calls, texts, and emails. The watch can also receive and reply to messages, and it can also send your current location to your contacts in case of an emergency. The watch also has a built-in microphone and speaker, which means that you can take calls and hear your audio content directly from your watch.

The watch also has a variety of apps, including maps, weather, and music. The watch can also control your smart home devices, including your lights, thermostat, and more. The watch also has a Siri voice assistant, which can help you with your tasks, set reminders, and answer your questions. The watch also has a built-in GPS, which allows you to navigate without the need for a phone. The watch also has a barometric altimeter that can track your elevation during outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing.

7. Battery Life

The Apple Watch Ultra has a bigger battery than previous models, which allows it to last for up to 18 hours on a single charge. This is more than enough for a full day of use, even with heavy use of features like GPS and cellular connectivity. The watch also has a Power Saving mode that can extend the battery life even further by disabling certain features like the Always-On Retina display. The watch also comes with a magnetic charging cable that can charge the watch in just a few hours.


The Apple Watch Ultra is a bold and outdoor-ready watch that stands out for its design, features, and performance. The watch has a larger case size, a tougher build, and a bigger battery than previous models. The watch has a new Action button that is useful for outdoor activities and workouts and a sharp and bright screen that performs well in challenging light conditions. The watch also comes with durable and comfortable straps and has a water resistance of up to 100 meters. The watch also has advanced health and fitness tracking features, as well as a smartwatch, features that make it a powerful tool for tracking your wellness and productivity. The battery life is good, you can use it for a full day even with heavy use. If you're looking for a watch that combines style, outdoor readiness, and smart features, the Apple Watch Ultra is a great choice