Ready to Go: A Detailed Polar Grit X Review

 You've seen the Polar Grit X all over social media, and you're curious. What is it? How does it work? Is it worth the money?

We've got all the answers for you! In this comprehensive review, we'll take a close look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the Polar Grit X. Plus, we've got a few tips to help you get started with this powerful little smartwatch.

Polar Grit X Review


  • Display: 1.2-inch touchscreen, always-on
  • Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Dimensions: 45.1 x 45.1 x 12.8 mm
  • Built-in GPS: Yes
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days with standard use
  • Weight: 64g
  • Sensors: Heart rate monitor, Barometer, Altimeter, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Ambient light, Temperature.
  • Water resistance: 100M

Overview of Polar Grit X Features

The Polar Grit X is the perfect watch for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. It has a rugged design that's also chic, making it perfect for everyday wear. The navigational features are top-notch, and it also has training aids to help you get the most out of your workouts. It also has rich sleep-tracking capabilities, as well as suggested workouts based on your activity levels.

How Easy Is the Set-Up Process?

Setting up the Polar Grit X is a breeze. All you have to do is plug in the included USB charger, and wait for it to boot up. Once it's up and running, you can customize your notifications, and decide which apps you want to show alerts from on your wrist.

The watch itself has a really sleek design, and it's lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, the battery life is excellent--up to 40 hours with GPS turned on.

Review of Activity Tracking Features

The Polar Grit X is an excellent smartwatch for navigation and tracking your sports performance. It has a very chic and stylish design that is also very functional. The watch is very accurate in its tracking of data, and it provides a wealth of detail on your progress.

However, the visibility of the screen is only "fine" in direct sunlight. This could be a bit of an issue if you are trying to track your workout in harsh light conditions. Overall, the Polar Grit X is a great smartwatch for anyone looking for excellent navigational features and detailed sports tracking.

Overview of Battery and Connectivity

Polar Grit X Review

When it comes to battery and connectivity, the Polar Grit X offers plenty of features for you to explore.

The Polar Grit X offers up to 40 hours of GPS battery life, or if you switch over to power-saving mode, you can get up to 100 hours of GPS battery life. It also has a standby time of 7 days, so if you're looking for a smartwatch that will stay on your wrist the whole day through, this is the one for you.

In terms of connectivity, it supports both Bluetooth and ANT+ connections for easy access to your data and effortless syncing with your other devices. Plus, it has an offline music feature so you can download your favorite playlists directly onto your watch – no need for a smartphone or other device!

Take-Away Thoughts on Polar Grit X

So what are our takeaway thoughts on the Polar Grit X? In a word, we’d say it’s impressive. The watch is rugged yet attractive, with IP68 certification and countless useful features for all types of outdoor activities. It’s also versatile, with 130 profiles to choose from. We think it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable watch that won’t break the bank.

To sum it all up, here are the biggest pros: the wealth of useful outdoor features, the sleek design and durability, and its affordability compared to some other watches on the market. If you want a good smartwatch that won't let you down outdoors, then this could be your perfect pick.

Frequently Asked Questions on Polar Grit X

One of the questions people have when looking at the Polar Grit X is whether it’s better than the Vantage V2. The answer to that is that, compared to its predecessor, the Grit X Pro model is more durable, and features added software extras. Many of the features, including fuel and navigation options, are essentially the same as the Vantage V2.

But one of the primary selling points of Grit X is its battery life. With up to 40 hours of battery life in performance mode, you can be out and about without having to carry an extra charger. It also has a range of fuelling and navigation features that make it easier to train safely in remote areas. All in all, this watch gives you exactly what you need and nothing more - perfect for those looking for a simple tracking solution with long battery life.


So, what’s our final verdict? The Polar Grit X is a good smartwatch. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. Battery life could be better, and the design could be more polished, but overall it’s a decent product.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that can do everything, the Polar Grit X probably isn’t the best option. But if you’re looking for something that can track your fitness and activity, and that has a few extra features thrown in for good measure, then the Grit X is a good choice.